What does it mean to capture the essence of what we eat? AP meets two leading food photographers to discover how they create images that capture our attention and our tastebuds.

Q&A: Martin Parr

AP sits down with the icon of British street photography to discuss smartphones, documentary photography and the impact of social media on how we experience imagery.

In the halls and conference rooms of Parliament House, a select group of photojournalists captures the highs and lows of political life. AP spent a day in the Canberra Press Gallery to find out what it’s all about.

Alex Cearns isn’t just our best-loved pet photographer, she’s also someone who has tirelessly given back to her community. We talk portraiture, personalities and paying it forward with Australia’s master of animal photography.

As the spirit of reconciliation grows, and efforts continue towards developing an Indigenous voice to parliament and all levels of decision-making, a new book by leading Aboriginal photographer Wayne Quilliam becomes charged with timely significance.

Photographer Ralph Kerle’s work is blurring the lines between fine art and photography, and he’s doing it all from the comfort of his kayak as Mike O'Connor discovers.

Late last year a new online community for female landscape photographers, In Focus Women, was launched aimed at breaking down some of the gender barriers in landscape photography.

Aaron Dowling’s career as a landscape photographer started like many others, until the day he decided to throw the rule book out and start shooting for himself – with no rules, bar one – his images had to be exciting.

The 'Threshold Conversations' podcast has released an hour-long interview with famed photographer Ami Vitale.

While many photographers have struggled for creative output through COVID-19, Sydney-based photographer Jim A. Barker founded the “doortrait”. He speaks to AP about his unique project.

Hobart-based photographer Hillary Younger describes herself as a gypsy, never standing still while she travels to some of the most beautiful locations on earth. But the wilderness of Tasmania will always be home, as AP discovers.

Netflix has uploaded the Platon episode of its excellent 2017 documentary series “Abstract: The Art of Design” to YouTube.

Profile: Pauly Vella


Photographer Pauly Vella is one of Australia’s most followed Instagrammers, boasting a huge audience of more than 245,000 followers who share his love for beautiful travel and landscape images.

If you've ever wanted to step into the mind of one of our most talented exports, then we can highly recommend this great interview with our Mono Awards 2020 judge Jackie Ranken on the excellent Light Minded Podcast.

Photographer Douglas Kirkland's new exhibition, Three Weeks with Coco Chanel, opens at Perth's Claremont Quarter from this weekend. We sat down for a Q&A with the legendary portrait photographer ahead of the exhibition.

We sat down for a Q&A with Stephen Nielson, Director of Product Management for Photoshop, to talk 30 years of Photoshop and how developments in machine learning can enhance, and not detract from the creative process.