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In just over 20 minutes, this video will help improve your ability to make the most of your smartphone's video capabilities.

Planning a trip to colder climes this winter? If you want to come back with more than just frozen hands and feet, check out these tips for nailing the shot when the mercury drops.

For centuries, horses have been drawn on the walls of caves, hung as paintings and tapestries on the walls of castles and carved into the earth on the side of mountains. Here’s how to create your own art when photographing these beautiful animals.

Ever needed to use flash, but not wanted it to look like you did? We have found a short and sweet video tutorial teaching you how to achieve just that.

Photographing waterfalls is something almost every landscape photographer loves to do. Here's seven mistakes to avoid when photographing them.

Five and a half minutes of lighting setups with no ads, no talking and no distractions.

You may be familiar with Photoshop’s quick selection tool, but did you know there’s other ways you can make precise selections, including for colour, focus and subject? Here’s a crash course in making advanced selections in your post-processing workflow.

So, you're thinking of entering the 2021 Photographer of the Year? We asked expert judge Sally Brownbill for her advice for what it takes to improve your chances in the ninth edition of the competition.

In our second part on at home photo printing, we look at soft proofing, paper types and a basic printing workflow in Lightroom.

If you’ve never tried printing at home, then you really are missing out – and better still, it’s never been easier, or cheaper, to give it a go.

In part two of our better image storage series, we look at a few cataloguing tips for Lightroom Classic CC.

It was another cold and early wakeup call - one of many on our month-long trip in Japan back in 2018.

We get it, image cataloguing isn’t the most exhilarating bit of photography. But if you’ve ever lost an image, or watched a hard drive crash in front of your eyes, then you’ll know it’s something worth doing right. Here are some tips to get you started.

Ever wondered how to capture amazing light trail images? We've found a short video tutorial that runs through all the tips you need to get you started.

In the second of our two part series on street photography, we look at a few things to think about before you fire the shutter and the art vs commercial challenges of shooting street.

We have found a short and easy post-production tutorial on colour grading in Lightroom. In under 10 minutes you'll be equipped with all the colour grading know-how to get you started.