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Light is a critical element to any image, and having an understanding of how it falls on your subject will not only improve your ability to read the light in a scene, but also take better images.

Professional wildlife photographers Steve and Ann Toon share a few tips for better animal portraits in part two of our photo tip of the week.

Most everyone’s got one. If you’ve been around for a while, you may have some great stories or a few crazy or scary assignments, but this one is not what you might think.

The route to wildlife portraits that stand out head and shoulders from the pack is easier than you think if you follow these simple guidelines.

Judges Drew Hopper and Georgina Steytler break down some of the key things to consider with your entry in the 2020 Photographer of the Year.

In this short 10 minute video, award-winning wildlife photographer Jonathon Scott gives unique insight and advice on how to break into the industry and make money from your passion for wildlife photography.

Composition is a skill that challenges even seasoned photographers. Here are some ideas for breaking away from the rule of thirds and drawing your viewer right into your frame.

Local photographers Alfonso Calero and Andre Martin aren’t afraid to get a bit messy to spark inspiration in their photographic practice.

In this 5 minute video you'll learn how to easily blend exposures in Lightroom. Read on to find out more.

Justin Gilligan shares the story behind his beautiful image of one of our ocean's deadliest creatures.

Images need a pick me up? The Image Doctor will see you now. Get feedback on your work in our regular image doctor column, and you could win a Fujifilm XF10 camera valued at $799.

There is one feature on your camera that you may have just brushed over in the past or ignored altogether that holds the key to improving your in-focus hit rate enormously: back button focus.

Anastasia Woolmington sheds light on the photo genres she believes will always be relevant and interesting no matter how much time passes.

In this article, Melbourne-based IP and commercial lawyer Louise Brunero shares the ins and outs of the relationship between your photographs and Australia's copyright law.

While you might think smartphones can't take great photographs, we found a video that shows you how to make the most out of the photographic tool that's always with you.

Ever thought about giving macro photography a try? In this video Mark Holtze explains why you should choose a vintage macro lens when shooting tiny worlds.