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Fancy turning your window seat into a landscape studio on your next flight? Here's how to get started.

We have found a short video tutorial explaining how you can use Photoshop to enhance and intensify the colours in your images in a way that still looks natural .

A recap of our better workflows webinar is now online.

The square format harkens back to the origins of landscape photography, but it is arguably just as relevant today for when you want to tighten your composition and capture a more impactful scene. Here’s how.

AP's Anthony McKee shares the story behind a quirky image from the streets of Vietnam.

Blown out highlights are a super common problem that you may think are unfixable - but we've found a quick and easy tutorial thats shows how Photoshop can correct them.

Tasmanian photographer Danny Lee shares the story behind his stunning up-and-under shot of one of the world's largest seabirds.

Want to elevate and enhance your ability to take landscape photographs? We found a short 15 minute tutorial that runs through helpful tips on how to improve your compositional skills.

Have you ever wanted to take photos in the same style as a photography legend? In this short 15 minute Youtube tutorial, you can learn how to shoot images like the legendary Joel Meyerowitz.

An Adobe-sponsored event is heading to your computer screen next week as the free Photoshop Virtual Summit II is set to kick off on Monday 9 November. Read on to find out about the lessons this program has to offer.

Ever thought about using more than one filter to enhance your photographs? We have found a short video tutorial that will teach you the basics about combining filters.

Our 2019 Photographer of the Year category winners share their tips for a winning portfolio.

In part one of our black and white photography tips we looked at the history of black and white photography as well as techniques for shooting. Now, let's look at some example images.

As a weekend photographer and keen explorer of our natural spaces, I set myself a photo project of capturing every land-based national park in my home state of Victoria, located in the south-east corner of Australia.

Running a Photobooth business is a great option for anyone who is creative, loves events, and who enjoys working with people who are looking to have a great time.

Black and white photography is a unique art form that requires retraining your eye to look at light and contrast in different ways. Here's how to get started.