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It's not always a choice between sharpness and creative blur – sometimes it’s possible to have both! Greg Basco explains how he 'had his cake and ate it' when he captured this stunning hummingbird shot.

A useful technique often use in landscape, insect and product photography, focus stacking involves ‘stacking’ together images to achieve a larger focal length than that possible in a single image.

With entries to Photographer of the Year 2019, presented by Panasonic, closing in two weeks, award-winning wildlife photographers Steve and Ann Toon count down their top 10 tips to help you nail a successful entry.

To help you out with the all important image selection process, we asked our overall winners from the last three years of Photographer of the Year for their advice on a winning portfolio.

Red Bull TV have launched a new TV series, Chasing the Shot, which pairs cutting-edge photographers with world-class athletes to produce amazing imagery.

Black and white photography has a style and aesthetic all of its own. Here's some of the key elements to consider when shooting and editing in this most striking of styles.

I found a picture in an old archive of a waterfall taken 100 years ago, and decided to try and re-create the original picture.

Aidan Williams shares the story behind his amazing slacklining shot captured in Armenia.

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Seascape specialist Alfonso Calero shares four quick-fire tips to get you started with shooting long exposure images.

If you want to capture sharper landscape images there are a few techniques you need to master first. From focus to focus stacking, here’s everything you need to know.

For photographers in the know, buildings and structures can be as rich in photo opportunities as any natural landscape. Here’s nine tips to help you capture the best architectural photography of your life.

The online realm of social media presents a never-ending vault of inspiration and possibilities to showcase your work. Here’s how to share your images for maximum reach.

Alfonso Calero shares his 5 top night photography spots in Brisbane.

Sliders aren't the only way. Here's why local adjustment tools can help you edit your images better.