photo tips

Stuck at home and getting bored? Of course you are! Well there's never been a better time to learn some new photography skills.

Powerful foregrounds can make or break a wide angle shot, and they're a great way to totally transform a 'normal' landscape image to give it a three dimensional feel.

What makes a photo just right for printing on canvas? Is it only mountain ranges and close-up portraits that suit the format? Which compositions make the best transition to photo wall art? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

This handy video will show you how to use focus stacking in Photoshop to create the sharpest possible images.

If you’d asked me several years ago, ‘Do you think a reptile photo could end up being one of your favorite portrait images?, I’d probably have said ‘I doubt it’.

Over the years, I’ve had the great privilege to lose my hearing while capturing talented musicians doing what they do best - playing to receptive punters.

This excellent new video by photography YouTube channel COOPH shares seven great tips for better black and white street photography with one of the modern masters of the genre: photographer Alan Schaller.

This tip may just be the best kept secret to making the most of Dodge and Burn in Lightroom.

Stu Gibson, Winner of the 2019 Nikon Surf Photo and Video of the Year Award, shares five quick tips for capturing the ultimate surf photo.

Rainforests are challenging subjects even for hardened photographers. Here's some tips to consider next time you shoot in one.

In this great video, you'll learn the basics behind flash photography and some cool tricks to try on your next portrait shoot.

Does understanding the science and technology behind photography made any difference to the end product? Allen Murabayashi weighs in.

Even at night, it’s possible to capture dynamic and different wildlife images that are packed with punch and drama. Here’s how.

Pro Wildlife Photographer Michael Snedic gives four tips on how to capture better wildlife images.

Emotion is one of the most valuable elements in great portrait photography. Photographer Bhagi Siva looks at four ways to bring it out in your own images.