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Five more photos are on the operating table for this month's Image Doctor.

Although my photography usually focuses on watching tiny birds through a long lens, I also enjoy taking portraits and I love the way that monochrome can highlight texture and mood.

In part two of our two part series on capturing long exposure architecture images in black and white, we dive deep into the editing process.

In this special feature, former Photographer of the Year Black and White category winner Matthew Tuffield shares his tips for dramatic and otherworldly architectural imagery.

Helen Whittle lifts the lid on a striking portrait of her daughter and the family cat.

Drew Hopper explores five more ways you can relight the spark of your photographic creativity.

In this article, photographer Drew Hopper shares 5 tips on how to stay motivated and creatively inspired in your photography, whether it's just a hobby or your full time job.

More landscape composition tips to get you breaking away from the rule of thirds.

We know most of you probably don't print your work, but you know what? You should!

What makes for great compositions, and how can you develop a better sense for how to use them when you’re in the field?

Five more images are on the operating table in this month's Image Doctor.

This photo is one of a series called Sirens, photographs of monstrous storm waves named after mythological beings.

Three Canon pro photographers share the stories and creative processes behind their most powerful portraits.

A 'blue' supermoon is set to grace our skies on August 31. We asked photographer Sean Scott for a few tips for capturing it.

If you've ever thought about trying to get fine art photography work into a gallery, then this helpful video might be just the ticket.

In the final part of our three part series on editing wildlife images, we look at HSL/Colour, Noise and Sharpness, and the final tweaks you should make to complete your image editing workflow.