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If you've been wondering just how it works and what it does, then this video is worth a watch. 

Recently, aurora activity has been off the charts - less than two weeks ago, aurora activity across Australia (and the world) was the best in at least 20 years. So how do you take decent photographs of it?

If you've ever wondered what's involved with shooting large format 4x5 photographs, then this great video by the ABC on landscape and film photographer Dominique Pierre-Nina is well worth a watch.

In part two of our series on film photography, we look at film and developing choices that won't break the bank.

Just how many megapixels is enough? This great video explores this common photography question in a clear and easily understandable way.

Thinking about getting into film and don’t want to spend a fortune? We outline some of your options.

Blue Mountains photographer Aidan Williams tells the story of his incredible photo of highliner Carmen Ator.

Anthony McKee shares his step-by-step guide to setting up a NAS system at home.

Like it or not, in an age of digital portfolios and marketing through social media, if you want to be successful as a photographer you need to go beyond just taking photos. And Instagram is crucial to how you do this.

Here’s why the best lens might not be the one you have with you.

Do you need to use flash when photographing animals? Doug Gimesy explains his rationale for a lighter touch with wildlife photography.

In this handy introduction to macro photography, you'll learn a few techniques for taking on your own at-home project.

Five more images are on the operating table for the latest edition of Image Doctor.

Lightroom’s presets are a handy way to speed up your workflow. They allow you to use commonly applied settings at the touch of a button. But did you know you can create your own? Mike O'Connor shows you how.

Many landscape photographers are taught early on that they should aim to shoot at ISO 100 for the 'cleanest' possible photo, but when we live in an era of powerful camera sensors and AI-powered noise reduction, is this advice still sound?

One of the joys of Lightroom is using it enough that you start to understand its many nuanced shortcuts, and this video from Brian Matiash is as good a starting point as any.