photo tips

In part two of our travel portraiture feature, we take a look at a few gear and posing suggestions that will help you take better images next time you hit the road.

A country’s character is more than grand buildings and spectacular landscapes. We take a look at why you should photograph people when travelling overseas, and how to go about it.

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Action photography can be a rough-cut and tough genre to master. This feature will help you along the way, with a few tips for sparking your creativity while you do it.

What does it take to create an award-winning black and white image? To find out, we asked our 2021 Mono Awards judges for their tips on creating compelling black and white imagery.

Most of us enjoy working amongst the pretty colours of the rainbow, but there are some photographers who prefer to explore the wavelengths that lie beyond the visible light spectrum. AP investigates the fascinating world of infrared and ultraviolet photography.

Switch on city lights with this clever Lightroom technique.

Dr Louise Fairfax tells the story behind her image of a once-a-year phenomenon.

A great before and after workflow video that will have you turning out great looking images quick.

Local photographer Yan Zhang has been exploring some of the Blue Mountains' far-flung reaches to uncover a hidden world of cliffs and canyons.

Create the cheapest kind of studio portraits at home, using just a garage, backdrop and a camera.

If you've ever struggled to photograph in busy, overwhelming forests, this video should help.