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The Australian Alpine region is a rugged, harsh landscape. In part two of our two part series, we look at using lines, shapes and patterns, simplifying the frame and the gear you'll need to explore the outdoors.

Reluctant subjects are par for the course with portraiture. This is how planning, collaboration and a little bit of cajoling led to an award-winning image.

The Australian Alpine region is a rugged landscape that can produce hugely challenging conditions for photography. If you’re ready to push your image-making this winter, here’s how to get started.

In part two of our two part series on better auto imagery, we look at focal lengths, capturing details, editing, gaining access, and finally auto shots of the two wheeled variety.

Has your automotive imagery stalled? Follow AP’s tips and advice and you can shift your photography up a gear.

Dean Maguire shares the story behind a beautiful, poignant image captured at Narabeen lagoon.

We asked some of our 2021 Photographer of the Year category winners to share their tips for a winning portfolio in this most prestigious of competitions.

Five new images are set for surgery in this month's Image Doctor.

A ton of handy Lightroom shortcuts, tips and hints in this great video.

Offered a unique opportunity to capture Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre from the air, Doug Gimesy returned with memory cards full of images and a new-found appreciation for the challenges of aerial photography.

Collating a series of nine images together is a great way to not only give some of your lesser images a second lease on life, but also focus your creativity. Lee Cleland explains how you can put together your own mini series.

Want some feedback on your work? AP's Image Doctor is giving free image critiques.

In part two of our feature on wildlife perspectives, we look at using different lenses and angles for more interesting images.

Bobby Skidmore shares the story behind a particularly frosty morning in beautiful Tassie last year.

Perspective can make a huge difference when it comes to photographing wildlife. Here's a crash course in getting started.

Photographer and educator James Popsys has created a quick and easy-to-follow video tutorial on editing your landscape shots in Lightroom.