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In part two of our two part series on photographing quiet landscapes, we look at the lenses, the light and the importance of experimentation.

As photographers, we all have shots we dream of capturing. For me, it’s images of alpine regions that occupy my thoughts.

Landscape photography doesn’t just have to be about grand, epic vistas. Here’s how to capture the little things and bring a different element to your landscape portfolio.

We've gathered up a few tips to get you thinking about how to shoot successful landscapes no matter your skill level or where you live.

Late last year, 10 keen adventurers joined AP Editor Mike O'Connor and Darran and Frazer Leal from World Photo Adventures for our once-a-year photo workshop to Queensland's stunning Lamington National Park. Here's what we got up to.

The challenge was to replicate a famous artwork, but that was just the easy part!

In part two of our series on sports photography, we look at the gear, the settings, the editing and the sorting, plus a few pro shooters to keep an eye on.

From high-speed action to the rawest of emotion, few genres offer the diversity and challenges of sports photography. Here, we share a few tricks to get you off the sidelines and in the thick of it.

Photographer Robin Moon shares the story behind her striking wave shot captured at the South coast's Bombo Quarry.

Lightroom's AI-enhanced masking abilities are getting better and better. In this handy video, you'll get up to speed on all the enhancements.

if you've ever been inspired to have a go at fine art black and white architecture photography, then this great, detailed tutorial by Mark McGee Photos will show you all the steps in Photoshop to create your own.

Want some feedback on your work? AP's Image Doctor is giving free image critiques.

This fantastic still life covers every letter from A-Z. Can you spot them all?

Five more images are on the operating table in this month's Image Doctor.

In part two of our two part series on photographing the Australian bush, we look at the gear, the settings and a few tips for finding shots of your own.

The Australian bush is a challenging subject to photograph. In the first part of a two part series, we look at a few techniques for better bush shots next time you head out.