Awe-inspiring images from leading pro photographers.

03 Mar 2014 As principal photographer for the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, Helen Sloan has a challenging brief. Australian Photography tracks her progress from the Big Top to the big league.
Eunice, 2006. A wind machine was used to add a sense of movement and drama. Mud effects were added and tears were induced with eye drops. Canon EOS 1DS Mark II, 70-210mm lens @ 125mm. Three lights. Photo by David Knight.
12 Dec 2013 People are an endless source of fascination for photographer David Knight. He talks to Marc Gafen about his remarkable images and the art of shooting captivating portraits.
Photo by Mark Gray.
28 Nov 2013 Panoramic landscape photographer Mark Gray began his working life as a web designer, but after a near-death experience he developed a passion for shooting landscapes.
19 Nov 2013 Eugene Tan turned his love of photography and the ocean into a job that most photographers would kill for.
Train Station, Agra, India, 1983. Copyright Steve McCurry.
23 Apr 2013 In a career spanning more than 30 years, photographer Steve McCurry has produced a staggering backlog of iconic images. He talks to Robert Keeley about his career, the people and places that inspire him, and his philosophy on taking photos.
15 Apr 2013 From a farm in Western Australia to the darkroom of an Australian photographic icon, the career of photographer Jill Crossley has been remarkably diverse.
Photo: Peter Solness.
20 Mar 2013 Peter Solness talks to Robert Keeley about his career, his approach to photography, and the techniques he uses to create his breathtaking nocturnal landscapes.
In a selection of 14 images from different series Chris Round explores the 'human-made' environment.
09 Nov 2012 Photographer Chris Round is exhibiting a selection of images from various series which show the man-made environment.
10 Oct 2012 From design school in the UK to the set of Australia's Next Top Model and beyond, Jez Smith talks to Fran Molloy about his unorthodox photographic journey.
01 Oct 2012 In her latest exhibition, Ella Dreyfus uses black and white portraits to explore the transition from childhood to adulthood.
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