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10 Aug 2015 Kelly Brown turned her passion for newborns into a thriving photography business. She talks to Marc Gafen about her brilliant career.
01 Jul 2015 Thanks to our major sponsor Olympus and category sponsors Camera House, Eizo, WD and Zenfolio, winners of the 2015 Photographer of the Year will share in $18,500 worth of cash and prizes.
18 Nov 2014 West Australian landscape specialist Dylan Fox captivates viewers with his stunning images, transporting them to far away places. Marc Gafen uncovers the secrets of his success.
14 Oct 2014 Young professional photographer Kristian Lammle-Ruff has chosen his own path by using his freelance commercial shooting to finance his passion for social documentary projects. He speaks to Robert Keeley.
08 Sep 2014 Barat Ali Batoor’s photos of Afghanistan and its people have an intensity and empathy that only someone close to the subject could capture. The self-taught photographer and Walkley award winner talks to Anthony McKee about his life, his approach to photojournalism and the life-threatening journey that brought him to Australia.
20 Aug 2014 In the first of a new series showcasing recent work by leading professional photographers Daniel Linnet talks about his moody boudoir-themed series, 'Dragon's Den'.
05 Aug 2014 When Craig Wetjen realised the business of photography was making him sick he knew he had to make some changes. A project photographing men in their sheds turned out to be the perfect tonic. He shares his story with Robert Keeley.
17 Jun 2014 Easton Chang explains how he turned his enthusiasm for photographing cars into a successful career.
03 Mar 2014 As principal photographer for the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, Helen Sloan has a challenging brief. Australian Photography tracks her progress from the Big Top to the big league.
Eunice, 2006. A wind machine was used to add a sense of movement and drama. Mud effects were added and tears were induced with eye drops. Canon EOS 1DS Mark II, 70-210mm lens @ 125mm. Three lights. Photo by David Knight.
12 Dec 2013 People are an endless source of fascination for photographer David Knight. He talks to Marc Gafen about his remarkable images and the art of shooting captivating portraits.
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