Yarra Valley's Sean Paris has spent the last few months exploring some of rural Victoria's quirky small towns, putting his take on the weird and wonderful parts of rural Australia that have been the stuff of road-trips for generations. 

In a rare interview, AP meets with the Australian Federal Police to find out more about what occurs behind the lens of the thin blue line.

Canadian teenager Leah Den Bok is turning heads with her powerful images of people experiencing homelessness. We sat down for a chat with the 23-year-old to find out how her photography is raising funds for the most vulnerable.

Fresh from capturing the Women's World Cup, we spoke to Sydney photographer Danish Ravi about how he overcame the odds to capture world class shots at one of the biggest sporting events of 2023.

Sydney's Camera Market continues to go from strength-to-strength. Tim Levy finds out more.

One of the leading lights of Australia’s interior photography world, Melbourne’s Shannon McGrath continues to challenge our understanding and appreciation for the built environment.

Jim Thompson has been photographing Australia's birdlife for more than 70 years, but even now at the grand age of 93 he's not slowing down.

Fresh from capturing the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup in Auckland, we sat down for a quick-fire Q&A with Getty photographer Fiona Goodall to find out what it takes to capture world class sporting shots on the grandest of stages.

Col Roberts’ incredible bird photography is the result of thousands of hours of field work in some of Australia’s toughest conditions. But his reward is never-before-seen images of finches and their remarkable behaviour.

Herald Sun photographer Alex Coppel has spent his career capturing iconic moments around the world. He joins AP to discuss photographic diversity, the changing industry, and what it means to be one of our most richly awarded press photographers.

Pro surf photographer Matt Dunbar continues to be shaped by the changing swells of the ocean he has photographed for more than a decade. He speaks to AP about weathering the tide as he charts a course from surfing to storytelling.

More than three years in the making, historian Peter Maddern has recently released The Eye of Wilkins, a new book celebrating the photographs of the pioneering explorer Sir George Hubert Wilkins.

Many of us have dreamed of turning our love for sports into a career. But what does it take to be a professional in an era when every fan has a camera and moments are gone in the blink of an eye? AP meets sports pro Rob Cianflone to find out.

Welcome to the ethereal, imaginary work of Sydney photographer and artist Pamela Pauline.

Each month Australian Photography features an image by a member of the Australian Photographic Society. In the October issue of the magazine, John Hodgson shared the story of this image, which he captured during an unplanned 10,000km road trip in 2020.

An in-depth interview with prominent Australian social photographer William Yang.