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Nikon USA has launched a self-repair program, offering parts and instructions for photographers to make repairs on their own products at home, however Nikon Australia has no plans to replicate the scheme locally. 

This free exhibition, produced by the South Australian Museum, shines a light on the astonishing array of flora, fauna and landscapes found across Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea.

Canon has opened its annual Grants program for 2024, with $40,000 available to recipients across Australia and New Zealand.

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There’s much more to great long exposure landscapes than just slowing your shutter. Here’s how to think smarter and more creatively with your water captures.

Lightroom Classic’s survey view is a useful part of the Lightroom workflow that can speed up selections, but it also remains an under-utilised part of Lr. 

It’s been said that discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought. Here’s how one photographer has incorporated this idea into her work.

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Fujifilm has announced the Instax Wide 400, the latest in the company's Wide series of cameras that captures large, 3.4 x 4.25-inch instant prints on double-card-sized wide format film.

Ricoh has announced the Pentax 17, a half-frame film compact camera with a manual focus fixed prime lens.

We test out Thypoch’s new retro-inspired manual focus glass.

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A former commercial photographer, but perhaps better known for connecting creative talent from all corners of the industry, Sally Brownbill has just released her second book. We sat down for a chat with the creative powerhouse.

Yarra Valley's Sean Paris has spent the last few months exploring some of rural Victoria's quirky small towns, putting his take on the weird and wonderful parts of rural Australia that have been the stuff of road-trips for generations. 

In a rare interview, AP meets with the Australian Federal Police to find out more about what occurs behind the lens of the thin blue line.