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A photographic exhibition that showcases the prolific body of work captured by Australian photographer Nick Melidonis in Greece over the last two decades opens in WA this week.

The Judge's Choice and the People's Choice winners of the May edition of our monthly photo comp have just been announced!

A 'mind-bending' orangutan image has taken out the grand prize at the annual Nature TTL Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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Ever wondered how to capture amazing light trail images? We've found a short video tutorial that runs through all the tips you need to get you started.

In the second of our two part series on street photography, we look at a few things to think about before you fire the shutter and the art vs commercial challenges of shooting street.

We have found a short and easy post-production tutorial on colour grading in Lightroom. In under 10 minutes you'll be equipped with all the colour grading know-how to get you started.

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ASUS’ new flagship sets the benchmark for image editing performance.

Although they’re often overlooked by stills photographers, action cameras can be an invaluable creative tool. Here’s a crash course in what’s out there and how to use them for the best results.

Today, a host of devices let you capture full 360-degree videos and photos which can be posted to social media and other online platforms at the press of a button. Here's some tips for getting started.

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Photographer Ralph Kerle’s work is blurring the lines between fine art and photography, and he’s doing it all from the comfort of his kayak as Mike O'Connor discovers.

Late last year a new online community for female landscape photographers, In Focus Women, was launched aimed at breaking down some of the gender barriers in landscape photography.

Aaron Dowling’s career as a landscape photographer started like many others, until the day he decided to throw the rule book out and start shooting for himself – with no rules, bar one – his images had to be exciting.