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AP Ed. Mike O'Connor shares the tragic story of Uzbekistan's Aral Sea and the graveyard of ships left behind.

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Dubai's desert sands make great photography subjects, if you can tear your eyes away from the country's architecture that is.

In the second part of our series on unusual travel tips, we look at why you should embrace the ugliness, and not always listen to the locals...

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Mandarine Montgomery’s love for music photography has taken her backstage to capture some of the best bands to hit Aussie shores. She lifts the lid on what it was like to join British new wave legends Duran Duran on their 2012 tour.

If there's one thing that'll put a downer on just about any landscape shoot, it's a flat and boring sky. So what should you do when you find yourself at the perfect location in unexciting weather?

The Australian Alpine region is a rugged, harsh landscape. In part two of our two part series, we look at using lines, shapes and patterns, simplifying the frame and the gear you'll need to explore the outdoors.