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Like it or not, in an age of digital portfolios and marketing through social media, if you want to be successful as a photographer you need to go beyond just taking photos. And Instagram is crucial to how you do this.

Here’s why the best lens might not be the one you have with you.

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Five more images are on the operating table for the latest edition of Image Doctor.

Many landscape photographers are taught early on that they should aim to shoot at ISO 100 for the 'cleanest' possible photo, but when we live in an era of powerful camera sensors and AI-powered noise reduction, is this advice still sound?

On the first day of our workshop the seasons changed. What was to be an autumn workshop turned into a winter one. A month’s worth of snow came four weeks early and it changed our focus entirely.

In part two of our series on exhibiting your work, we look at cheap framing and printing options, and the art of promotion.

What does it take to create an award-winning black and white image? To find out, we asked our 2023 Mono Awards judges for their tips on creating compelling black and white imagery. 

In this video by Blake Rudis of f64 Academy, you'll learn a creative technique for enhancing the eyes in Photoshop.

For many aspiring photographers, putting on an exhibition of your work is a target that’s both lofty and daunting. So, if it’s a goal of yours, where do you start? AP takes a look.

Determined to take better photos on an upcoming safari to Africa, Ewen Levick enrolled in a course that transformed the way he shot.

Gold Coast advertising, fashion and fine art photographer John Barrett has launched a new 'Mastershot' workshop aimed at photographers looking to improve their skills in studio photography.

The story behind one of the iconic Australian images of 2023.

Here's a bit of a unique, and dare we say, first world do you take unique images at a location that's been shot to death?

The idea of photographing your family may send chills up your spine, but family photo shoots can also be brilliant fun. Here are a few pointers.