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There comes a time in every photographer’s life when they will weigh up the possibility of turning their passion behind the lens into a career. But how do you make the jump, and how do you deal with people telling you to ‘get a real job’?

In part two of our series on photographing the outback, Paula Heelan looks at the time of day, the landscapes, and the gear you'll need on your trip.

Craig Andrew Madsen shares the story of his life-changing and life-consuming project from the last year, Te Ata Pūao.

Make the most of your next Outback adventure with these photo tips.

Nailing your composition is just as important as perfecting your camera-craft, and in this great video tutorial, you'll pick up a few tips for perfecting your framing next time you shoot.

Want some feedback on your work? AP's Image Doctor is giving free image critiques.

Whether you're photographing a restaurant dish or something you've just cooked at home, there are some simple tricks of the trade you can use to capture professional looking images.

Steve and Ann Toon look at the editing stage of their Black and White photographs in the third part of the series.

In this excellent video by Nigel Danson, he looks at five common mistakes photographers make with wide-angle lenses and how to avoid them.

In part two of our special feature on black and white wildlife photos, Steve and Ann Toon share a few tips for better backgrounds and smarter use of light.

Dull in grey? No way. Subtract colour to add oomph to your shots, suggest award-winning pro photographers Steve and Ann Toon.

Learn how to use the Radial Filter Tool for targeted adjustments in Lightroom in this handy tutorial.

Photographer Anthony McKee shares his tips for captivating images with mirrors.

Highlighting different textures in your photos can be a great way to improve your photography.

Learn the basics of targeted adjustments in Lightroom in this in-depth tutorial.

Sam Markham shares the story behind this powerful shot from Australia's horror 2019 bushfire season.