image doctor

Timing is everything, but so too is the choice of shutter speed for making an image.

Eyes which engage well with the camera lens often make compelling portraits.

Filtered light is a great way to inject mood into an image, writes Saima Morel

One thing I have learnt over the years is the importance of "value added photography". Rather than giving us just one key element in a photograph, show us more of the stories that are happening in the same frame.

Geometry is important to our eyes. It is like we know how a scene should look, and if you mess with the verticals then we are never going to believe what we are looking at!

Often the subject itself is not the problem, it is simply the time of day that we have decided to make the photo.

Lightning can strike at anytime, anywhere. Knowing the settings to start with in those situations is the little spark of inspiration you need for capturing the big bolts.

Often creating the perfect image is simply a case of getting the balance right. Just ask these flies!

Waiting for the perfect human moment can take time. Get a tripod and a cup of coffee and wait for that moment.

Looking for good lines is all part of the process of making photographs look good.

Great photographs often require a collaboration between you and your subject. You are not just the photographer but also the director – and you need to encourage the best performance from your talent.

More often than not, photographers get obsessed with the foreground and forget to include a background.

I often consider photography to be a dance, and when it comes to post-production, it is a dance with the tones. Here's some advice on how to manage the highlights.

There are a lot of locations like this in our cities. The challenge is putting your own stamp on the scene.

Take Aim is an apt title for this photograph; my hope is your son's aim isn't quite as good as what yours should have been. Lets talk about it!