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From more than 10,000 entries, these are the best dog photos of the year.

Here’s what happens when you push 60,000 PSI across a camera lens.

First 4K, now 8K - sure, it's an arms race, but the benefits of monster resolution have huge potential for stills shooters.

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Leanne Cole shares ten tips for mastering architectural photography from the bustling streets of Melbourne.

Light pollution no obstacle for Sydney photographer shooting for the stars.

Dylan Goldby shares 5 simple techniques to solve common exposure problems and get you using flash with confidence.

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Panasonic's GH4 established itself as the outstanding mirrorless option for budding videographers when it was released in 2014. But is its successor, the GH5, a worthy upgrade? We take a look.

Who (or what) takes better photos? The team at Mango street take a look in a new video.

Sony's new lightning-fast A9 is gunning for professional sports and wildlife photographers. Here are five reasons it's worth considering.

A kickstarter campaign hopes to bring back the glory days of large format photography to a new audience.

The medium format camera was designed and made using 3D printing tool Autodesk Fusion 360.

PC versions of Macphun's popular products Aurora HDR and Luminar are on their way.