An island in a sea of chaos

Afghanistan may not be your first pick for a holiday destination, but Neil Silverwood's tips on taking better documentary photographs may be just the ticket, wherever it is you head to next. more

Photo tip: Needle in a hard drive

Ever feel like you have more images than you know what to do with? Photographer Nick Rains shares his personal tips for turning your storage system into a lean, mean image storage machine.

Photo tip of the week: Behind the Lens

Photographer Nick Terry takes us to one of his favourite dive sites on the NSW coast where he captured a beautiful Grey Nurse Shark rounding a reef. Read on to see how he did it.

April Photo Comp: Big

April Photo Comp: Big

The theme for this month's competition is 'big'. Think about perspective and the best camera angles to emphasise the size of your subject. In this competition, bigger really is better. The best image, chosen by our guest judge, will win a fantastic photo book gift voucher valued at $150 from our good friends at Momento. There's also a $100 Momento gift voucher up for grabs in our 'people's choice' award. Voting takes place after the close of each competition on our Facebook page.

Featured photo: 'The Big Apple and Friends,' by Susan Shanta more

Kiama Seascape

Image Doctor: Kiama Seascape

Geometry is important to our eyes. It is like we know how a scene should look, and if you mess with the verticals then we are never going to believe what we are looking at! more