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Steve Paterson works in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea for a major oil and gas company. He wrote: "This photo was taken in the golden hour before sunset from the balcony of my room overlooking the project refinery 300m to the west of our accommodation block. As we are located in the Southern Highlands almost 4500 feet above sea level, most mornings and evenings are clouded over and obtaining photos of the sun going down or rising is almost impossible. On this particular day I caught the sun setting with four layers of cloud between the refinery and horizon. You can also see the refinery light sensing lights as they come on with the diminishing light."

This is a dramatic, moody scene and there is a lot of action in that sky and cloud cover. However, many great sunset shots are spoilt by white holes burnt into the middle of a great shot. If the sun could have been hidden by clouds by shooting from a lower angle or a little later on when the sun had dropped further down in the sky, it could have had the best of the light without the overexposed sun. It would also be good for the refinery to have a little more presence in the scene. Cropping a little of that blackness at the bottom of the frame could make a big difference.

– Saima Morel.

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