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This portrait, shot on a cold wet day on the beach, is of Tim Guihot’s daughter who is  affectionately called his ‘first aid kit’ and he, "finally managed to get (her) to sit still for a few seconds."

This is a lovely simple shot with good exposure, excellent detail, a nicely out-of-focus backdrop and flattering skin tones. It ticks a lot of boxes. It was also a wise decision to convert it to black-and-white because colour would probably have been a distraction and the tones in this image make it a great candidate for monochrome. It’s a shame we can’t see just a little more of her face to see the contouring effect of both eyebrows and into the eyes under those dark, thick lashes. So you can put more eye contact with the camera on my wish list for your future portraits of this reluctant subject.

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