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Hi Jack,

Wow, what a great opportunity you have had to get into North Korea. I would love to go there although I think the amount of restrictions that they place on foreign photographers would eventually get me into trouble! Anyway, maybe one day. 

This is an interesting capture, and the expression of the central soldiers is wonderful. What is unfortunate about this image though, is that you have missed a lot of secondary moments simply because hands and arms are in the way of peoples’ faces.

As you might know, I am passionate about documentary style photography, and one of the things I have learnt over the years is the importance of secondary elements within a photograph, or what I to call "value added photography".

In as much as I want to know more about that soldier, I also want to see the other soldiers that are around him. In this instance all you had to do was wait a second or two more for the vehicle to move along and reveal the other soldiers. In instances like this I try and move with the vehicle simply to wait for the moment to improve.

This is a good photograph, and all you need to do now is keep working on your composition skills.

If you decide a reshoot is in order, I am happy for you to hire me as your mentor on this expedition – just let me know when and where.

Cheers for now,


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