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Hi Marko,

Old buildings like this often have a lot of beauty and atmosphere and that can often be a problem for photographers. I think you would be surprised to discover that dozens of other photographers have visited this same power station over the years, and many of them have captured similar images of these stairs.

And this raises  one simple question, 'How do you put your own stamp on a photograph like this?' Yes, I do like the black and white treatment, but what else can we do to improve the image?

I think if I was going to put my stamp on this photograph, I would be inclined to explore two options. One would be to explore movement. Try buying a few metres of white fabric and then dropping it from the upper balcony so it floats through your image. Let it create a ghostly feel as it floats through the frame. The fun part about adding movement like this to an image is that you will almost never get the same effect twice.

If you want to add a theme and variations to this, try painting the fabric with light from a torch as it descends. As another option though, just try painting this space with light from a torch or a flash. Remember, this is about putting your own unique stamp onto this image.

Now, there is another tangent that you can try, and this one I think is something we should be exploring more often than we do. Chances are there might be someone who used to work in this power station. Can you imagine that person sitting on the steps now, reimagining how the building used to look in its glory days.

Most locations have not only been found, they have been photographed. If we want to do more than just record photographs, we need to decide how to put our own stamp onto a location. Do that and you are on your way to becoming a serious photographer.



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