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Hi Roger,

I know this corner of Melbourne rather well… my office is less than a kilometre away from here, although my surrounds are not quiet as glamorous. The morning light looks good on the architecture in this image, but what I think you have lost, is the human moment.

There are two human elements happening here; first there is the mum pulling the boy off statue in the right of the frame, although I think it is sad that we have lost the boys head behind her mop of hair. Then there are the three people under the other sculpture, although they have been lost in the shadows. In both instances these human actions could have lifted the photo, but you have missed the moment.

If I was going back to have another go at this photo, I would place the camera on a tripod, connect up a cheap remote release cord and then casually set up this same composition. Turn your back to the camera and slowly wait for people to engage with the space. Look for the moments and chances are you will get an image that is significantly stronger.

Three small details. One, ease up the crop on the left of the frame. Two, ease up on the polarising filter; the sky is too dark. And three, I would ease up on the sharpening; the edges of objects are looking a little too jaded. Otherwise, keep up the good work. 




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