Video: A beginner's guide to shooting light trails

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Want to make the most of winter? Since the sun is setting so early and rising so late, there is a perfect window of opportunity to get behind the lens and shoot light trails in the dark. 

When you use a long exposure, you can take incredible photos that freeze the moving lights of vehicles as light trails that extend across the frame of your image. We have found a short tutorial that is aimed at novices and packed with advice on capturing light trail stills. 

Put together by photographer Gary Gough, the video takes you behind the scenes of one of his light trail shoots. Throughout the tutorial, Gary gives detailed explanations on the technical and compositional decisions that he makes, which makes it easier f to understand his process and in turn, to apply the tips in your own photographic practice. 

In under 20 minutes, you’ll have all the tips you need to get started. Get the full story from Gary below.

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