Video: how to use colour grading in Lightroom

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Ever wondered how to use post production to change the feel of your photographs? Well the team over at Mango Street has put together a super quick video explaining how to use the colour grading tools in Lightroom.

In the video, Daniel shares his screen with us while he uses Lightroom Classic on his desktop. He does also note that the skills he is teaching are transferable to Lightroom’s mobile app.  

Throughout the tutorial Daniel sheds light on how colour grading works. He explains you can use the tool to separate the pixels in your image into categories of brightness, namely highlights, mid-tones and shadows, and how you can then adjust the colour tint of each these categories of pixel individually.  

Using a number of examples, Daniel gives step-by-step advice on altering different aspects of your photograph, such as hue, saturation and luminance, as well as illustrating how these aspects can interact with one another. He even uses a monochrome image to demonstrate the effect of altering each aspect. 

If you’re curious about colour grading or just post-production more generally, you should check out Mango Street's tutorial below. In under 10 minutes Daniel covers all the fundamentals to get you started.

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