Sony announces $1,049 ZV-1F

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Sony has announced the ZV-1F, the company's third vlogging camera, and also its most affordable option following 2020's ZV-1 and the more recent interchangeable lens $1,249 ZV-E10.

Image: Sony
Image: Sony

The 256gm Z-V1F is built around a Type-1 Exmor 20.1-megapixel sensor paired to a wide-angle, 20mm equivalent prime lens, and can shoot 4K video at up to 30fps.

While the wide angle 20mm field of view makes it ideal for vlogging, the ZV-1F is probably less versatile for other forms of photography when compared to the ZV-1, which has a 24-70mm equiv. lens. That said, the 1F does have a digital zoom in video modes which works out at 2x in 1080p and about 1.5x in 4K.

Image: Sony
Image: Sony

The 1F has no built-in stabilisation, instead relying on electronic stabilisation that forces a 1.23x crop, making the 20mm lens about 25mm when stabilised. 

As mentioned, video maxes out at 4K/30 fps, the same as the ZV-1, and there's also 1080p/120fps (with 8-bit video in all modes).

the ZV-1F has contrast-detect only autofocus, rather than phase detect that's generally faster and more accurate. 

In regards to audio, the 1F has a directional microphone with forward bias that isolates subjects' voices, even outdoors. In addition, Sony include a removable "deadcat" to reduce wind noise. 

The new ZV-1F will be available in Australia from early November 2022, with an RRP of $1,049.

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