Video: How to create sharper landscapes using focus stacking

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Focus stacking is a common and useful technique for improving sharpness throughout your frame, and is especially useful for situations where you have a need for a sharp subject in the foreground and also want to keep your background sharp.

In this video by photographer Adam Gibbs, he looks at how to use focus stacking for sharper images using Photoshop.

Focus stacking is pretty simple - shoot a number of images into the frame, focussing on a different 'slice' of the scene in each frame. From there, it's a matter of layering the images together in Photoshop to create a sharp composite image. The advantage of this technique over using a narrow aperture is you may run into an issue called diffraction, where a lens gets softer at the extreme end of the aperture (f13-f22 for example). For more on achieving peak sharpness in your landscape images, you may also find this tutorial by photographer Geoff Murray useful. 

You can see more of Adam Gibbs' videos on his YouTube channel. 

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