Video: How a pro landscape photographer composes an image

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Ever struggled with composition? You're not alone, but in this enlightening video by professional landscape photographer Ben Horne you'll gain an interesting insight into how a pro first identifies a scene and then selects a composition in the landscape.

As Horne explains, the composition should enhance the feeling of being in the scene - in his first image captured in Death Valley, USA, this means shooting in such a way as to evoke emotions of calmness in his work, and in his second image captured in Mt Zion NP, removing all distractions so the viewer just focuses on the abstract elements he was originally drawn to. 

The secret to good composition is to tell a story, and lead the viewer's eye through the image. If you'd like to learn more about landscape composition, this tutorial by AP contributor Dylan Fox is a good starting point. 

You can see more of Ben Horne's great videos on YouTube.

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