Video: Lightroom denoise or Topaz Labs: which is best for noise reduction?

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In the red corner, the reigning champion, TopazLabs Photo AI, and in the blue corner, the challenger, Lightroom's new AI-powered Denoise tool. 

So, which will come out on top?

Well, photographer Michael Shainblum has done the grunt work to determine which of the two is best for landscape photography, and better yet, he's also shared his high-resolution JPEGs to examine them on your own monitor and judge for yourself.

In addition, in his blog post he included a third tool: DXO PureRAW3. 

In all seriousness, we're currently spoiled for choice for denoising tools, and all three are excellent options. But if you can't be bothered watching the video, it seems that from Shainblum's tests, Lightroom Denoise narrowly pipped TopazLabs by delivering better colour retention and details, with TopazLabs occasionally showing some over-sharpening.

Cover image: Getty

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