CameraPro launches 2021 Explorer's Grant

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Photographic retailer CameraPro is now accepting applications for its 2021 Explorer’s Grant. 

For the third year running, The Explorer’s Grant will provide $12,500 to assist worthy causes and raise awareness of them through photography and video. 

CameraPro describes the grant as an outstanding opportunity enabling photographers and filmmakers, either established or emerging, to enact real, positive change through their work.

The grant offers the opportunity for both financial support and exposure for a chosen cause through photography and/or videography. 

Supported projects can last for up to 6 months, with a focus on Australian creatives making a positive social or environmental impact within Australia.

The types of projects supported thus far include: 

  • Replanting a Rainforest- supporting Daintree buy back programs through Rainforest Rescue

  • Meet the Ocean – an educational non-profit using virtual reality to inspire/teach the public about marine conservation and rehabilitate kids in hospital

  • Rafiki Africa Ministries, Buwooya Mission School, EthiopiAid and Action Ethiopia – locally run Ugandan and Ethiopian aid organisations assisting disadvantaged children, women and local farmers.

For the 2021 Explorer’s Grant, CameraPro has pledged a total of $12,500 in funding in 3 categories:

  • Photography - $5,000 funding ($3,000 for project + $2,000 for cause)
  • Videography-  $5,000 funding ($3,000 for project + $2,000 for cause)
  • Junior (13-17 years old)- $2,500 funding ($1,500 for project + $1,000 for cause)

Applications are open to Australian residents. For full details please visit:

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