Peak Design gives $300K+ of profits from Travel Tripod launch to charity

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Now here's some good news for you. According to DPReview, Camera gear manufacturer Peak Design has donated 100% of the profits it made from the launch of its first tripod to charities dealing with the coronavirus response and climate change.

The new travel tripod, which you can read about here, was initially launched on Kickstarter in May 2019. According to the company, the initial four-day launch at the time saw the company sell 2,265 units, generating $218,150 USD ($339,000 AUD).

Two not-for-profts will benefit from the donation, the Centers for Disease Control Foundation and the Climate Neutral organisation.

The development of Peak Design's Travel Tripod was four years in the making, and it has since gone on to raise $12.1M USD (18.8 million AUD) from 27,168 backers.

According to the company, during the launch period, the aluminum alloy version generated $75,110 ($116,000 AUD) in profits while the carbon fiber version made $143,040 ($222,000 AUD). 

© DPReview
© DPReview

“Now more than ever is the time for us to act on our core values and ensure that our employees, contractors and retail partners can find economic shelter in a product we’ve spent years developing,” said Peak Design CEO, Peter Dering.

“Peak Design is also in a unique position to offer financial support to those that are solving the problem. To be able to donate in a time of need speaks volumes to the company we’ve built over the last ten years. I couldn’t be more proud.”

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