Harman Singh Heer, Worth More Alive (Junior 2019)

With Rhino populations seeing a horrifyingly quick decline due to poaching and human-wildlife conflict, I wanted to work on a small project to capture their beauty and magnificence. I spent a couple of days traversing the African savannah in an attempt to get some unique images of these gentle giants. First, I decided to focus on using light to capture their beauty, by taking silhouettes. Then, I decided to attempt at some ground level photography, in an attempt to capture their power and magnificence. In several instances I placed the camera with a wide angle lens on the ground and clicked images using a remote release. I was extremely pleased with the results and I believe this set mirrors the idea that Rhino's really are worth more alive.

Images have been resized for web display, which may cause some loss of image quality. Note: Original high-resolution images are used for judging.