Justin Sams, Whats important to me (Junior)

The things important to me in life are being loved, playing soccer, living in a diverse environment and my love for snow. Photo, 1, Love: With my camera in one hand, I was strolling down a seaside dock in Sweden (mums home) when this one padlock on a fence caught my attention for its rusty love. Photo, 2: The beautiful game, football/soccer, is a culture and a life to me, and I believe that its important to photograph what you love. Photo, 3: To me the very first thing that comes to my mind when I think of diversity is colour and variety, so thats what my $2.99 Coles gummy bears represent-diversity. Diversity is so important because it makes life more interesting. Photo, 4: Ever since I was six years old, experienced my first white Christmas(in Sweden) and my grandad pretended to be Santa. I have ever since enjoyed snow and snow has become part of my heart. The photo is my contemporary and perspective take on snow behind the lens of a camera.