Nigel Malone, Tokyo Ku (TRAVEL 2023)

Photography has always been an extension of my love of travel, to see people in far off places, be it the Himba tribes of Namibia or Sami of Lapland. For these particular images, and this exhibition I decided to do something entirely different. After three decades of digital, I’ve been drawn back to the antithetic of analog photography. These pictures were shot with the same vintage of camera as when I began my career. Instead of going far and wide to find a subject, I went deep, immersing myself into a metropolis and the most vibrant expression of humanity I could find - Tokyo ku (the wards of Tokyo). For all its intensity, Tokyo became a meditation. For those that have attempted the practice, you’ll know it’s often difficult to start, to find the clarity of thought. But ultimately the goal is to find the space between thoughts, or in my case the images between the intensity, where real become ethereal.

Images have been resized for web display, which may cause some loss of image quality. Note: Original high-resolution images are used for judging.