Graham Earnshaw, Iguanas of the Galapagos (Wildlife and Animal 2019)

Earlier this year, my partner and I, on an amazing 10week holiday, were so fortunate to visit The Galapagos Islands, which was undoubtedly a highlight of our trip. And The Galápagos marine iguanas were perhaps the most captivating of all the creatures we came across in this amazing place, as they are just so different to any other animal we have ever encountered. The marine iguana is found only in the Galápagos Islands and is the only modern-day lizard to forage in the sea. And like all lizards, they do like to laze around a lot soaking up the warmth of the sun, which makes them wonderful subjects to photograph. All but one of my images, they are lazing around. The final image is of track's left in the sand by an iguana walking up the beach on San Christobal Island, quite artistic.

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