• Image: Michael Snedic/Wild Nature
    Image: Michael Snedic/Wild Nature

Michael Snedic - celebrating 20 years presenting photography tours!

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Since the pandemic, it has been such a joy to present booked-out photography tours across Australia and the world, without any travel restrictions and other related issues.

There has been a huge number of photographers who have been itching to travel again and travel they have!

My first post-covid international photography tour was to Svalbard, in the Arctic.

It was such a joy to be out doing what I love – taking my guests to the most photogenic locations across the globe, with some of the most diverse wildlife species and teaching them how to achieve the best possible shots.

Having presented photography tours for 20 years and being a photographer for 27 years, the photographic knowledge I can pass on to my workshop participants is extensive.

Image: Michael Snedic/WildNature

I am a Nikon School tutor, but am proficient with other brand cameras such as Canon, Sony, OM Systems (Olympus), Fuji , Pentax and Panasonic. I have been writing photography articles for various magazines (including being a feature writer for Australian Photography Magazine) since 2006 and have presented audio visuals across Australia for camera clubs and at photography conventions for many years.

I am also a judge for Australia’s most prestigious bird photography competition, the Australian Birdlife Awards as well as the UK’s WildArt Photographer of the Year Competition.

As founder of WildNature Photo Expeditions, my aim has been always to provide my participants the best possible experience, so they leave with huge smiles on their faces and loads of wonderful images on their memory cards  : - ))

On my photography tours, I present group sessions as well as one-on-one time with each participant. Sessions are structured both indoors (image critique and audio visuals) as well as in the field.

The sense of satisfaction I feel when ‘the penny drops’ for my participants regarding certain photographic techniques and settings that they may have struggled with, is very satisfying indeed.

As far as organising photo tours go I use reliable, experienced operators who have a proven track record. This way I know that things will run as smoothly as possible.

I am fortunate (and very grateful) to have a high return rate with my photography workshop guests, with many returning multiple times over many years. Word of mouth has been my best form of advertising.

Some of the up-and-coming photography tours I’m presenting in Australia include Lord Howe Island, the Kimberley, Lamington National Park (Qld), Bunya Mountains (Qld) and Freycinet (Tasmania). International destinations include Japan, the Subantarctic Islands, Antarctica, Fiordland (New Zealand) and Africa (various countries).

I am very appreciative to be doing what I love as my profession.  I hope you can join me on a photography workshop one day, either here in Australia or overseas.

Upcoming workshops

17 day Islands north of Japan - May 2023

7 day Lord Howe Island – June 2023

11 day Kimberley – July 2023 (Fully-booked – Waitlist)

2 day Bunya Mountains Birds  (Qld)– October 2023

5 day Lamington NP (Qld) – October 2023

11 day Antarctica – November 2023

13 day Subantarctic – December 2023

16 day Morocco – February 2024

5 day Freycinet (Tasmania) – May 2024

7 day Fiordland (New Zealand) – August 2024

More information: WildNature Photo Expeditions

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