Video: What it's like being a professional landscape photographer

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Probably one of the most challenging and competitive genres from which to make a living from as a professional photographer, landscape photography is also one of the most appealing - after all, few jobs let you be creative in the outdoors, and fewer still let you get paid to explore beautiful locations around the world while doing it.

In this new video from Landscape Photography IQ, host Tom Mackie shares an insight into what it's like being a working professional landscape photographer.

As Mackie explains, the main distinction between a hobbyist and a professional is shooting images for passion and for profit; two very distinct approaches. As a pro, he is always shooting with a market in mind rather than for himself.

It's not all glamorous. Mackie says he spends up to eight months a year travelling, and hundreds of hours planning, researching and booking trips, not to mention the considerable time spent marketing his work.

The main takeaway is you can't expect things to happen overnight either. It takes time to build a style, brand, and connections, all things that are vital for a succesful career.

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