Video tutorial: Baby portraiture in a garage with natural light

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Here's a great video that celebrates two of the things we really love - portraiture and cheap, at-home setups that just about anyone can create.

Put together by the fantastic Pye Jirsa of Adorama, this tutorial runs you through the process of creating a beautiful baby portrait with hardly any gear - natural light from an open garage door and a basic cheap backdrop hung with clips on the back of two chairs are really all you need, along with a camera of course - but even a smartphone will do in a pinch.

In a way, you don't have to have a baby or child either - as this simple setup can be replicated on all manner of subjects, big and small, as well. 

What we like about this video is not just the time Pye takes to show us his setup and image-making process, but also his seriously detailed editing tutorial that clearly explains the reasoning behind each adjustment he makes. It's well worth watching to the end to see the before-and-after too. 

You can see more of Pye's fantastic tutorial videos at 

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