Video: Tips for shooting street photography with your smartphone

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If you’ve ever used the phrase “well I didn’t bring my camera with me” as the excuse for why you’re not taking any photos, it’s time to rethink what you can capture with your smartphone.

While it’s true that smartphones have certain ergonomic and technical shortcomings, Roman Fox contends that you can use them to capture photographs that you’re happy with.

In this short video, Fox gives really good insight into how a smartphone can produce images which are similar to that of a DSLR if you just pay attention to the way your smartphone’s camera works. One example of this is knowing that your default camera doesn’t shoot in RAW, and so if you have the time, using a third party photo app can let you shoot in RAW and make a world of difference to your final product.

Fox explains that the best thing about using a smartphone for shooting images, is that it can go places that a DSLR can’t go. Firstly, due to its light weight and its compact size, you can position it in places that you can’t position a DSLR camera, such as between railings or down against the edge of a pond.

Secondly, smartphones are often allowed into places where DSLR cameras are barred, like museums and sacred sites. Lastly, Fox explains that since smartphone usage is to widespread, using a smartphone for street photography can give you an extra cloak of invisibility, allowing you to capture really incredible images of people.

Still sceptical that you can use a smartphone to take impressive shots? Watch Roman's video and give it a go for yourself!

You can see more of Roman Fox's videos on YouTube. 

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