Video: Tips for photographing everyday people

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Not everyone has the opportunity to photograph models, and in fact, your business or hobbies might even be centred on capturing portraits of everyday people, their families and their partners.

Often though, it can be difficult to photograph people who don't have the benefit of having modelling experience. In light of this challenge, we have found a short video that details some extra steps that you can take to help your subjects through the photoshoot experience and in turn, that can really help improve your final shots.

In the tutorial, put together by B&H Photo and Video, portrait photographer Claudia Paul takes you through her tricks of the trade for making your subjects more comfortable in front of the camera. 

In just over five minutes, Claudia gives her best tips for getting the best out of shoots with everyday people. 

Some of the highlights include: the importance of pre-shoot conversations; coaching your subjects on what to wear to help them feel their best; knowing your gear inside-out so you can spend the shoot focused on your subject; and being prepared to share part of your story with them, so that they feel comfortable letting you capture the essence of theirs. 

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