Video: The problem with presets

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Ever noticed that every just about every instagram-savvy photographer seems to have presets for sale? It's an industry that's likely generating a lot of profit for the photographers selling them, but mixed benefits to those buying them. 

Tackling a complex issue in their first podcast, new channel The Group Chat has weighed in on presets and their value, with their not-so-subtly titled video 'Presets and Why They Suck.' This NSFW (language warning) video is on YouTube, and is hosted by longterm professional photographers Christian Gideon and Nick Goodwin.

In the video, they discuss why presents 'are so detrimental' to the photography industry.  The hour-long conversation focuses on presets from the 3:19 mark.

Speaking to PetaPixel, Gideon says the practice of using presets encourages photographers to stop learning, and is helping to create “an army of clones” who are all publishing the same style of photo using the same few brands’ or photographers’ presets. 

On the otherhand, there are some benefits to presets. Photographers editing large numbers of files, or photographers who want to simplify their workflow may find them a useful time saver. What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you're a convert to presets or prefer to edit your work freestyle. 

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