Video: The hard truths of being a pro photographer

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Despite pro photography being more competitive than ever, becoming a working pro is something many amateur photographers continue to aspire to do. So what's it actually like as a job?

We know there's a ton of YouTube videos out their about becoming a working photographer or making money from photography, but this video by First Man Photography is a little different in that it takes a somewhat philosophical approach to professional photography.  

One of the interesting points Adam makes is that translating a hobby or something we enjoy, like photography, into a career is often not the solution to our problems and won't suddenly make you happy all the time - it's hard work, time consuming and often stressful, but also requires an intense commitment to the craft to be succesful at. It's also something that seems the complete antithesis of the glossy world of professional photograhs we see spruiked on instagram.

The other point we really appreciated is the notion that people will rarely ever invest in potential - having an idea is one thing, but results and a track record are critical to building a profile, and in turn, clients and work.

You can see more of Adam's great videos by subscribing to the First Man Photography YouTube channel. 

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