Video: 'The dance': what it takes to capture a 4x5 large format landscape

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If you've ever wondered what's involved with shooting large format 4x5 photographs, then this great video by the ABC on landscape and film photographer Dominique Pierre-Nina is well worth a watch.

Pierre-Nina describes setting up a large format photograph as “the dance” as it involves so many meticulous steps - setting up the camera, choosing an orientation, picking a shutter speed, focussing and then preparing for the shot itself. 

The Jamberoo NSW-based photographer has a black cloth he uses to block out glare so he can see the image on the back of his camera (which appears upside down). Next, a light meter is used to read the light in the scene and give a suggested aperture and shutter speed. 

“At this stage, I can decide whether to give the scene a little more light or a little less light. That is entirely up to the photographer and it is where the artistic flair of the photographer will come into play,” he explains. 

So, what do you think? If anything, the video shows just how much technology has transformed photography in the cameras we use today - while also serving as a reminder that the fundamentals of a good photograph remain the same. 


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