Video: stitching photos together to make a 200MP photo with any camera

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Did you know there is a simple way that you can make large and highly detailed images while still using a camera with low megapixel capabilities? 

In this handy video, Nigel Danson gives insight into how you can achieve incredible results from a low megapixel camera by just stitching your photos together in post-production. 

The camera that he uses in the video is a Nikon Z7. However, even with just 46 megapixels, Danson shows us how the final photograph can exceed 200 megapixels using a stitching technique.

Key is if you plan to use the stitching method, thinking about using it while you are out in the field shooting your desired scene. 

When you go to take your photograph of the scene, Nigel advises that instead of taking a single shot of the whole scene, use your lens to take multiple shots that are more zoomed in, which in total, cover the whole scene you want to capture. In the video, he recommends that you take these images in such a way that there is 30-50% overlap among the images you’ve taken, which will be helpful for your editing software to work its magic when you stitch the images together to make one large, detailed image.

One major benefit of stitching the photos together in post-production is that you can achieve highly detailed images without needing to use a tripod out in the field. 

In the video, Nigel gives you a step-by-step guide on exactly how to stitch these photos together for classic panoramas, vertical panoramas and even for panoramas where you have multiple layers.

You can see more of Nigel Danson's great videos on YouTube. 

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