Video: Six tips for silky smooth backgrounds

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One of the marks of great wildlife images is a clear distinction between the subject and the background. And the best way to do this is to drop it out completely by using depth of field to turn the background to butter. But how do you do this exactly?

In this nine-minute video, wildlife photographer Steve Perry shares his tips and tricks about how to get the best results when shooting widlife, with a particular focus on improving your backgrounds.

And although your immediate reaction me be to think a multi-thousand dollar lens is a prerequisite for this kind of photography, there's also a number of other tips that will help you improve your backgrounds regardless of what you shoot, including the importance of getting close to your subject, paying particular attenton to the type of background behind your subject, how to adjust your angle when shooting, and more. 

You can see more of Steve Perry's useful videos on his Backcountry Gallery YouTube channel. 

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