Video: Seven tips for black & white street photography with Alan Schaller

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Black and white street photography may be one of the most timeless of the photographic genres, but its also one of the most challenging.

This excellent new video by photography YouTube channel COOPH shares seven great tips for better black and white street photography with one of the modern masters of the genre: photographer Alan Schaller.

Not just a great photographer, Schaller shoots exclusively in black and white and is the co-founder of Street Photography International, a platform for talented yet unrepresented photographers.

His tips are really valuable, and include dedicating time to shooting in just black and white, challenging yourself to find unique angles, not forcing your will on the environment, but instead let the light dictate the look and feel of your photos, and seeking to emphasise the traits that make black and white powerful - texture and tone, among others. 

We also love his analogy of good image editing as being a bit like the varnish that finishes a table. 

Watch the video above, and you can see more of COOPH's vids on YouTube. 

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