Sometimes you want to take an image of a wider scene in a public place, but you can’t get that picture-perfect shot because you can’t control the people walking in and out of your frame.

One way to overcome this is to take your shots at the crack of dawn before anyone else is out and about. But sometimes you want the shot to have a bright blue sky or to include the rich hues of an evening sunset, which means that other people's presence is unavoidable in your photos. However, did you know that there is actually a clever way to remove foreground distractions like people from your images?

In this nine-minute video, photographer David Bergman shares his tips and tricks for taking home a postcard-worthy photo from your holiday (or from your local beach considering COVID-19 hasn't got us travelling very far)!

Although achieving this result does require a bit of forethought when making your photograph, putting in this work is relatively simple and means that when you use Photoshop for post-production, there will be multiple ways that you can remove distractors in the foreground and reveal a beautiful background image.

You can see more of David Bergman’s useful videos on the Adorama Youtube channel here.

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