Video: Reducing noise and improving background blur in Photoshop

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Often when you’re capturing the moment an animal springs into action, you don’t have a choice as to how the background is positioned or how the light is cast on your subject. Wildlife photographers, both professionals and amateurs alike, know this struggle all too well.

In this short video, Brent Hall shows you how you can utilise Photoshop to reduce noise and sharpen your photographs and in turn, make your wildlife shots even more incredible.

While shooting with long telephoto lenses can allow you to capture all the action from a distance, depending on the light you may be forced to shoot at a higher ISO than you might otherwise want to. As a result, Brent explains that you may need to counteract the effect of the ISO in your post production work.

Here, Hall gives useful insight into how you can use tools in Photoshop to clean up your image’s background, while maintaining the desired level of detail of the animal you have captured in your photograph.

You can see more of Brent Hall's videos on YouTube.

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