Video: Photography tips for iconic locations

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Here's a bit of a unique, and dare we say, first world do you take unique images at a location that's been shot to death?

Whether it's the Opera House, Eiffel Tower, or that Wanaka Tree (as I discovered recently), part of the problem is well-known spots like these are usually packed with people who clutter your frame, and it's also a real challenge to find a new and unique angle to capture them.

Anyway, this fantastic video from Alister Benn of Expressive Photography offers some useful advice for dealing with these very issues.

What I enjoyed most about Benn's approach is he likes to encourage photographers to work with what you've got, and embrace the environment and the crowds, rather than fight against them. This can lead to images that capture something more of the reality of the location, rather than a picture-perfect scene.

You can see more of Alister's great videos on YouTube.

Cover image: Mike O'Connor

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