Video: Nick Turpin’s Street Photography Masterclass

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Ever wondered how to capture breathtaking photographs on the street? Well in the time it takes you to commute to work (or in the spare time you’ve now got from not communiting to work!) you can learn how to do just that.

In this short 30-minute free masterclass, acclaimed British street photographer Nick Turpin will teach you how to do what he does best.

In the tutorial, Turpin takes you through what he thinks are the essential steps to improving your street photography shots. For example, he gives advice on how to choose and use your camera gear, as well as giving tips on how to compose your photographs.

One of the best things about this tutorial is that you can also see footage of Turpin in the field and see his practice in action, as well as the photos that he produces during the session.

If you’re looking to improve the stories that you capture in your street photography shots, this free masterclass is a real winner and will be really helpful for enhancing your photography skills.

For more inspiration, you can check out Turpin’s incredible shots on his website and on his Instagram account.

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