Video: Making on-camera flash look natural

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Although most portrait photographers would probably rather shoot with their flash off-camera rather than on, there's many situations where it's just not possible to take your flash off-camera - think event or wedding photographers who need to work quickly with a minimum of fuss. 

So if you've ever wondered how to make the most of your on-camera flash, then you'll probably appreciate this video by Ashley Boring with Westcott Lighting, which looks at three ways you can make your on-camera flash look more natural. 

Ashley's first point is perhaps the most important - taking care to balance your use of fill flash by setting your flash power to the ambient light. The result will be an image with more flattering light that looks indistinguishable from the lighting in the scene. 

In the 4m30 video you'll also learn the basics of diffusion and a simple way to bounce light from an external source.

Finally, if you're looking for more lighting tips, Westcott have a series of excellent tutorial videos you can explore right here

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