Video: learn to fix blown out highlights using Photoshop

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Getting blown out highlights in your photos is an issue that comes up time and time again, especially when you’ve been shooting in outdoor settings with large amounts of dynamic range.

And while you’ve probably been told a hundred times that blown out highlights just can’t be fixed, we found a video explaining that all is not lost!

In this quick and easy tutorial, Photoshop whiz Blake Rudis from f64 Academy explains exactly how you can use Photoshop to cover up the blown out area and save your final image from the discard pile.

While it’s true that you can’t get the data back, Rudis shows us that a small amount of work in Photoshop makes it possible to salvage your photograph. In the video Rudis explains that you can fill the blown out area with clouds or sky with relative ease, and in turn, reduce the distraction created by the bright area of the image.   

If you’ve got some photos on file that could do with this simple fix, we recommend you give this short video a watch.

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