Video: Is ISO 100 always right for landscape photography?

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Many landscape photographers are taught early on that they should aim to shoot at ISO 100 for the 'cleanest' possible photo, but when we live in an era of powerful camera sensors and AI-powered noise reduction, is this advice still sound?

In this video, Mark Denney takes a look at ISO and when you may want to use a higher ISO in certain situations - such as introducing intentional camera movement in the scene, or when you have no choice but to handhold your camera.

What's especially interesting is Mark's objective look at whether you can actually tell the difference between images shot at different ISOs when you look at images taken at normal viewing angles - i.e, not pixel peeping. It's food for thought if you've ever sweated over whether bumping the ISO is going to ruin your image.

You can see more of Mark's great landscape photography videos on his YouTube channel.

Cover image: Mike O'Connor

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