Video: How to use Photoshop to get naturally intense colours in your images

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Ever wondered how to intensify the colours in your photographs without falling victim to the garish effect of the all-too-commonly-used saturation slider? Well we have found a short video explaining just how to balance the desire for intense colours against the need to keep the colours looking relatively natural and tasteful.

Put together by Blake Rudis from f64 Academy, this short tutorial is essentially a  step-by-step guide on how to use Photoshop to bring vibrancy and richness of colour to your images.

The techniques that Rudis demonstrates in the video would be useful in a number of photographic genres, and could help you elevate and enhance your finished product from awesome to amazing. It's no secret that a technical understanding of colour can go a long way. 

While 20 minutes might seem like a substantial amount of time to spend watching a tutorial, it’s well worth watching because it will save you hours that you might otherwise lose in Photoshop or Lightroom trying to troubleshoot with colours on your own.   

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