Video: How to turn on city lights using Lightroom

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If you've ever shot a citscape scene at dusk but wished the street and city lights were on, then you'll probably quite enjoy this clever tutorial by Serge Ramelli Photography, which shows you how to easily fake the effect using the Radial Tool in Lightroom. 

Depending on the number of lights you'd like to turn on it may require a little patience, but the technique gives pretty great results that can be tweaked fairly easily depending on the intensity of the light you'd like to include.

The steps are pretty straightforward. First, create an initial Radial Filter on one of the lights, duplicate it, and then create a separate Radial Filter to adjust the amount of light the 'bulb' emits. 

You can see more of Serge Ramelli's great videos on YouTube. 

Image: Mike O'Connor

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