Video: How to take photos like Joel Meyerowitz

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Ever been inspired by a great photographer but had no idea how to emulate their style? Well, we have found a Youtube tutorial series that will give you all the tips and tricks for capturing images like some of the biggest names in photography.

Youtuber and photographer Frederik Trovatten has put together a video series called “How to take photos like…” In this particular tutorial below, Frederik gives insight into Joel Meyerowitz’s photographic style and philosophy.

Joel Meyerowitz is a photographic legend, whose career has spanned decades. While his extensive career and work can’t be easily condensed into a single category, the tutorial focuses on Meyerowitz’ street photography. In the video, Frederik divides the lesson into two sections “35mm colour street photography” and “street portraits.”  

If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes, this video tutorial is well worth the watch. Learning about Meyerowitz’ ability to capture life on the street and distil the essence of people’s character in portraits is sure to inspire you to take your camera and hit the streets. 

Additionally, if you're particularly interested in learning how to shoot images like those featured in the video, you can also take a look at the masterclass that Joel Meyerowitz has put together here, or read our Q&A with Meyerowitz from 2019 here.

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