Video: How to remove distractions with Lightroom's new generative AI tool

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Last week Adobe announced a major new update to Lightroom, and one feature from the recent update stood out more than the others: the new generative AI erase tool.

The tool, which you'll be able to use if you have the latest Lightroom Classic version 13.3 and Lightroom version 7.3, leverages AI to remove unwanted elements from your photos.

The tool also takes away one of the last actions many photographers would head over into Photoshop to do.

But if you've been wondering just how it works and what it does, then this video from Matt Kloskowski is worth a watch. 

As Kloskowski explains, the process is straightforward: first paint over the unwanted object, let the AI do its work, and cycle through the various generated options until you find one that works best. And, if the results aren't perfect, you can also refresh and get new options.

One of the most impressive features of the tool is its ability to handle larger objects and complex backgrounds, which shows just how powerful the AI powered features in Adobe's products have become. 

You can see more of Matt Kloskowski's great videos on YouTube.

Cover image: Adobe

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