Video: How to make your landscape photos not boring

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Ok, we realise its a pretty opinionated headline to this story, but we wanted to share this useful video from Tom Marsh of Yorkshire Photo Walks, who has a handful of great suggestions for taking your photographs from '...meh' to 'wow!'.

In his video, Tom guides you through a five step process, which starts with identifying a subject, layering to create depth, organising the composition, reading and using the light, and thinking beyond the traditional rules.

It's not a complete cheat sheet as such, as for some photographers these 5 steps may be too basic - however, it does give you a baseline of steps to work towards to build your frame and transform a flat, uninspiring landscape into something much more attention grabbing.

And, if you can work through the list as a mental checklist as you go, it will help you ensure you make the most of the scene. 

We also really liked Tom's bonus tip, which is to remember you can always make stunning landscape photos any time of day, year-round. The key is to embrace other elements such as the weather or editing to create your vision.

You can see more of Tom's videos on YouTube. 

Cover image: Mike O'Connor

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