Video: how to make dramatic black and white images in Adobe Lightroom

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Wondering how to elevate your back and white photographs? Do they look a bit lacking, dull or flat? Well, all is not lost — post-production can save the day. We have found a helpful video showing you how to use Adobe Lightroom to process your images to appear more striking and dynamic.

Since you can’t rely on colour in a black and white photograph, you might find that sometimes in order to make the image stand out you have to enhance other elements of your photograph, such as texture and contrast.<

As the tutorial’s creator Serge Ramelli explains using famous photos shot be renowned American photograph Ansel Adams, you can use a dodging-and burning-technique in Lightroom to create a sense of drama, emotion and intrigue in your images. 

If you're thinking of entering our annual black-and-white photo competition, The Mono Awards 2021it might be a good idea to give this short video a watch before you send in your images!

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