Video: How to improve your wide angle landscapes

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Wide angle lenses may be what most photographers reach for when they're gearing up for a landscape shoot, but that doesn't mean they are straightforward to use.

This excellent video tutorial from Perea Photography looks at how to improve your wide angle landscape compositions and compositional choices in the field.

One of the big advantages of a wide-angle lens is how it distorts perspective - and using this to your advantage can be useful for constructing more interesting images, and also emphasise the areas of a frame you want the viewer to focus on.

The video is especially useful as it doesn't immediately suggest you should just get low - often the first thing we hear when using a wide angle lens. Instead, staying a bit higher may be useful for eliminating a boring or uninspiring midground and providing a better link between your foreground subject and background. 

You can see more of Mike and Chris Perea's excellent videos on YouTube.

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