Video: How to focus stack macro images with a simple setup

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Macro photography is something every photographer should try, as it allows us to explore a view on the world that we wouldn't normally see. At the same time, it's a challenging genre of photography that rewards attention to detail and patience.

It also makes for a great at-home project, and that's something photographer Andrew Lanxon does in this handy introduction to macro shooting and editing. 

What we like about Andrew's video is it uses a simple setup: a dead flower, a macro lens, and a portable light, and he also spends a bit of time discussing the importance of lighting in macro photography, showcasing how different light positions can dramatically alter the mood and feel of the image.

Better still, Andrew also looks into the technique of focus stacking, and how to capture a series of images at different focus points and then merge them together in post-processing using specialised software like Helicon Focus.

You can see more of Andrew's great videos on YouTube.

Cover image: iStockphoto

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